Given all of the changes surrounding the car business the past three years, dealers have arrived at a critical juncture.

It’s a moment when you face a choice: You can either continue to do what you’ve been doing and keep doing it as if nothing’s changed. Or, you can act today and find better ways to sharpen your competitive edge and secure your future success.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join 150 other progressive, top-performing dealers at this year’s Access: Innovation event, September 13–15, at the Peninsula Hotel, Chicago. You deserve a seat at this exclusive Cox Automotive event and I’m confident your business and your people will benefit from the experience.

Access: Innovation will help you unlock the power of data science to guide your used vehicle department — and dealership — to superior outcomes. More specifically, we’ll distill and drill into how data science-guided decision-making across every critical aspect of used vehicle operations can help you and your team bring your performance to a new level. You’ll also see how vAuto’s new ProfitTime® GPS system has been purpose-built to help you use data science-based insights to drive Variable Management thinking and behaviors.

You may be dubious about the benefits data science can bring to your dealership. You may even doubt that data science can lead to better appraising, pricing and acquisition decisions than you and your teams make today on your own.

I understand. But here’s what we know, and what we’ll cover in-depth at Access: Innovation:

  • When you consistently use and trust data science, your used vehicle performance improves. Your managers become better coaches and leaders. Your business adapts faster (and suffers less) as wholesale values and retail demand fluctuate. Your teams work in better harmony, guided by the same strategic, data science-informed objectives you establish.
  • Access: Innovation offers you a door to a more profitable, successful future for your dealership. It’s a future built on the renewed, competitive strength your dealership achieves when your best and brightest people have data science-driven insights at their fingertips to make the right decisions on every car.

At Access: Innovation, you’ll also gain key insights and perspective from a curated group of industry experts:

  • Cox Automotive economist Jonathan Smoke will outline where the industry’s headed and what you can expect.
  • Dealership buy / sell advisor Erin Kerrigan will detail the latest consolidation trends and their impact on dealership franchise valuations.
  • Generational expert and researcher Jason Dorsey will help you better address a pressing human capital management challenge: how to satisfy the expectations and needs of the multi-generational teams working in your dealerships today.

Finally, Access: Innovation serves a noble, charitable purpose: 100% of your $1,850 registration fees go to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), an organization I hold near and dear.

This website gives more details on our Access: Innovation agenda and what it holds for you in Chicago.

The Access: Innovation team and I are excited to offer this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

Thank you and much respect,

Dale Pollak